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Composite External Doors

Composite external doors, constructed from reinforced GRP, are one of the toughest, most secure and low maintenance external door options. Supplied with a multi-point locking system as standard, they have a hard wearing GRP outer face with the appearance of a timber door. Behind that handsome front is a thermally efficient, energy saving core. Composite doors from HomeServe Security are available in red, white, black, blue and green, in a choice of 4 designs, and supplied fully finished.

  • Chester Composite

    Chester Composite

    Below the two small glazed panels, this is a door that simply exudes solidity and security.

  • Steeton Composite

    Steeton Composite

    A beautiful decoratively glazed top panel gives this door true character and a touch of class.

  • Richmond Composite

    Richmond Composite

    Classic light-enhancing door design with twin glazed panels above the letterplate.

  • Warwick Composite Door

    Warwick Composite Door

    Elegant, ultra-solid styling with a small, centrally located glazed panel.